stephanie m. clarkson (thespian) wrote in naknitmo,
stephanie m. clarkson

did another potholder.

which means I only have one more to finish to be finished mom's christmas present (that being 5 pot holders in Sugar N Cream Summer Splash, Hot Green and Delft Blue. The pattern is the first washcloth in the Mason Dixon book (the one that looks like it's woven), and I alternated; I have a Summer Splash base with blue 'ribbons', a blue base with summer splash one, a blue base, green ribbons one and a green base, summer splash one. I'm not quite certain what the last one will be; I'm out of blue, so I guess splash base, green ribbons, though part of me is also tempted to do a solid green one, with one 'ribbon' being blue (I could have bought more blue at AC Moore tonight, but I grow tired of it, and there's about 3lbs of cotton yarn in the house right now, so I'm trying to behave)).
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