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Lots of FOs and a WIP

Okay, so, I've been knitting up a storm lately. After all, it's NaKnitMo, right? So, here are the first two FOs of the month, both Tychus, for two of my friends. The brown one is made of two colors of suprisingly soft 99 cent acrylic: the green and white one is another ball of that and some green wool blend stuff I had in my stash.

I had figured out before that these were 5220 stitches each, so 5220*2 = 10,440. (Forgive me for the math, if you're reading this in a community other than NaKnitMo. I'd like to crosspost it to Knitting too, and am too lazy to edit it.) Next up is a pair of scarves, for another pair of friends. The one on the left I made up as I went along - just cast on a bunch of stitches on a circular needles, knit one row of a bright color, leave a nice long tail for the EASIEST FRINGE EVER. It's made of a bunch of little scraps of stuff in my stash, mostly wool and acrylic, but the orange is cotton. The scarf on the right is a Wavy, made from 2 skeins of beautiful blue Cascade 220. This is the second I've made, I love this pattern. (One of these days I'll actually make one for myself, lol.) It's 42 stiches wide, with a 44 row repeat that's done 10 times, and the rainbow scarf was about 275 stitches, and 18 rows. so...10,440+((42*44)*10)+(275*18)=33,870 stitches. Whew, my math skills are getting a workout. 

Then I made a pair of rainbow armwarmers for my friend Trish and a pair of Fetchings for my sister. The armwarmers are made of Caron Simply Soft in a colorway that is possibly the coolest thing ever, although not actually as soft as the other colors of that yarn. The Fetchings are made of the reccomended Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Funny story...I had Two and a half balls of it in my stash, decided I wanted to make the Fetchings with it, and started a guage swatch. A was halfway through before I realized I was not only using the reccomended yarn but also the reccomended needle size. *smacks forehead* Anyway. The armwarmers are 44 stitches and 60 rows, and there's two of them. The Fetchings are about 2185 stitches, and again, there's two of them. So, 33,870+((44*60)*2)+(2185*2)=44,720 stitches. Almost there!

Here's some shots of me modeling, because I've just got to show off. So modest, aren't I?

Okay. Now, I finished this before November started, so it doesn't count towards NaKnitMo, but I want to post it anyhow because I really like how it turned out. It's the ever-popular Irish Hiking Scarf, made for my mom for Christmas. It's the second I made. When I started it, it was going to be for my Grandpa - I figured dark blue wool and a pretty masculine cable pattern would work. But somehow it came out very feminine and I decided half way through that my mom would like it much better! It's made out of some sort of thin baby wool (I forget exactly what) and took way more than a scarf has any right to, three or four balls. Came out nice though.

And here's my current WIP: yet another Wavy! This one is also done in Cascade 220. A friend of mine requested it as a gift for his girlfriend. He paid for the yarn, so it's fine by me. I'm a repeat and a half in, which pushes my stitch count up to 47,492. Right on track to hit 50k by the end of the month - maybe even in the next couple days, if I'm lucky.

Whew. Okay. I'm done. Cross-posted to Knitting and NaKnitMo. 

Tell me what you think! =)

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